Innovate Boost Controller & Wideband AFR All-in-One

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Wideband & Boost Controller

  • Wideband + boost controller all in one
  • Revolutionary design !
  • Easy boost pressure adjustment
  • Boost depending on AFR (air/fuel ratio)
  • Bosch 4.9LSU probe
  • Digital display
  • AFR 0-5V output
  • All installation accessories included
  • Made by Innovate in the USA
  • Express shipping !

Innovate Wideband & Boost Controller 2-in-1 (SCG-1)

The Innovate SCG-1 is a revolutionary boost controller, with a very attractive price. Not only does it regulate your boost pressure with precision, it comes with a wideband probe, allowing you to control the boost depending on AFR (Air Fuel Ratio).

Wideband : the Innovate SCG-1 boost controller includes a Bosch 4.9LSU probe, and doesn't require any calibration when installing. The probe is extremely precise to 0.1:1 AFR, stable, consumes little electricity (low amperage) and is compatible with unleaded petrol, E85 ethanol, methanol, Diesel... It sends the signal to the gauge showing AFR on the digital screen. Its 0-5 Volts analog output makes it compatible with all types of engine management system.

Boost Controller : thanks to its ultra fast solenoid and easy setup, you can easily get the desired boost pressure with gain and duty adjustments. Electronics and O2 probe made using the latest technology, allow you to protect your engine while reducing boost pressure depending on AFR. The boost controller doesn't just guarantee a stable pressure, but also provides better security than the competition.

Functions and characteristics

  • Boost controller and wideband 2-in-1 !
  • Compact design, easy installation and setup
  • Latest technology electronics, fast and precise
  • Programmable security to reduce boost pressure depending on AFR
  • Digital display with many configurations : boost pressure, shift light, AFR, % duty (wastegate)...
  • Boost pressure control with gain and duty adjustments (%)
  • Peak hold function
  • Configurable linear 0-5V analog AFR output, for use with ECU’s or dataloggers
  • Compatible with internal and external wastegates
  • Withstands up to 3 bars of boost pressure

Kit contents

  • 52 mm gauge
  • Bosch 4.9LSU probe
  • Probe bung to weld to exhaust system (M18x1.50)
  • Black and grey covers and faceplate
  • High resolution solenoid
  • 4 bar MAP sensor
  • All cables and wires for installation
  • Instruction manual

Any questions ? Contact us for all questions related to installation on your vehicle !


Manufacturer Innovate
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Being really innovative (from which they get their name), American company Innovate offer a wide range of practical gauges : standard air/fuel ratio gauges, E85 solutions, replacement sensors, dual lambda analyzers for V shaped engines, 2-in-1 gauges... All you will need for your vehicle !