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Why install an air vent on the hood of your car?

You can fit an air vent on your vehicle to improve air circulation and heat dissipation under the bonnet. This inexpensive accessory does not increase the power of the engine but has many positive elements for the mechanical reliability and gives the car a distinctive racing look.

There are two types of scoops: those which suck in air to provide more flow to the engine bay and those which release it like an extractor to vent heat more quickly. These air vents are very useful in harsh conditions such as hot weather, heavy use on the road or circuit, and they help to protect the engine from overheating to maintain peak performance.

Some scoops replace the headlight assembly to create a dynamic air intake when used with a ducting hose. Cold air supply is thus improved and performances are increased.

Very popular in competition, the rally-type roof vents optimize the ventilation of the cockpit and improve on-board comfort. Some products have two adjustable vents to direct the air flow according to the preference of the driver and co-driver.

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Origin Labo Universal "SS" Bonnet Vents 31 in stock

Origin Labo Universal "SS" Bonnet Vents

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Hood vents and roof scoops for cars at the best price!

You can find on this page hood vents and roof scoops made by DriftParts and Origin Labo, perfect products to prevent overheating of the engine and the occupants!

Suitable for most vehicles, these universal parts produced in fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) or carbon fiber benefit from excellent build quality and will meet the expectations of the most demanding enthusiasts.

Whether for daily driving on the road, occasional track days or professional use in motorsport, these air vents and roof vents made in Europe or Japan will seduce you thanks to their look and functionalty.