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Semi-slicks and circuit tires, high performance tires!

Racing and semi-slick tires are types of tires designed for sports use. Compared to standard street and highway tires, they usually feature a smoother tread with fewer grooves to provide a superior asphalt contact surface in dry conditions and stiffer sidewalls to prevent excessive flexing during cornering.

These tires can be street legal or restricted to track use (grip or drift driving). Designed for pure performance, they must provide an excellent grip but also exhibit a progressive behavior before sliding with a sufficient transition phase for the driver to be able to act correctly on the steering wheel and pedals.

Thanks to their features, these tires promote traction and cornering speed, and reduce braking distances. In return, they have a relatively short lifespan compared to conventional sports tires.

Depending on the model, different types of rubber can be used, ranging from a very soft compound for maximum grip but quick wear to a very hard compound for slower wear but less grip. The tire should then be chosen according to the motorsport discipline, but also the asphalt temperature and abrasiveness.

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Valino Greeva 08D 215/40R17 Tyres - TW360 (pair) 10 in stock

Valino Greeva 08D 215/40R17 Tyres - TW360 (pair)

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(5 reviews)
Valino Greeva 08D 255/35R18 Tyres - TW360 (pair) 25 in stock

Valino Greeva 08D 255/35R18 Tyres - TW360 (pair)

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(1 review)

Achilles, Federal, Valino, Zeknova, semi-slicks and circuit tires at the best price!

DriftShop features a catalog of tires for street and highway, track days or motorsport from the largest brands, such as Achilles, Federal, Valino or Zeknova.

Here you will find high performance tires for all uses with excellent value for money like the Achilles 123 S and Federal 595 RS-Pro, RS-Pro XL, RS-R and RS-R XL. Depending on the models, they are available in diameter from 15 to 19 inches.

Also in stock, the Valino Greeva and Pergea, or Zeknova RS606 and SuperSport tires are excellent choices for spirited grip or drift driving. These Japanese brands tires are available depending on the model in several types of compound (ultra-soft, soft, medium...) with diameters from 15 to 18 inches.