Sim Racing

Create your perfect sim racing setup with DriftShop!

Sim racing is a type of game which includes all the racing simulations and has become very popular in the last few years. These games offer a realistic driving experience with the possibility to manage many parameters (tire condition, fuel level...) and to adjust the vehicle settings (suspensions, brakes, gearbox...).

To take full advantage of this ever-increasing immersion, it is recommended to equip yourself with specialized equipment, whether you play on a console or a PC. These products are aimed at all types of profiles, from the beginner who wants to discover the sensations of virtual driving with a limited budget to the e-sport professional looking for the ultimate level, including racing drivers who use these simulations to train and sharpen their reflexes between two seasons...

You will find on this page the equipment of the most important manufacturers to help you to elaborate or complete your sim racing setup:

Sparco Gaming, Next Level Racing, RSeat, trust the sim racing experts!

DriftShop offers you a complete range of products dedicated to car racing simulation, elements sold separately to be combined by yourself or complete installations ready to use.

At the heart of the experience, the cockpits or play seats allow you to adopt a driving position faithful to reality and support a gaming bucket seat, a steering wheel, a pedal box and, if needed, extras such as a shifter or a hand brake. The smallest budgets can also choose an evolving steering wheel stand while the most demanding can enjoy real simulators or motion platforms for ultimate sensations.

You will also find various accessories to fine-tune your setup, such as TV stands, seat mounting brackets, mats, cushions, but also light and breathable clothes specially designed for gaming, ideal to increase your comfort and your feeling in game.