Improve your vehicle's transmission with our choice of quality parts

The role of the transmission is to ensure the transformation of the rotational movement of the engine to the drive wheels of the vehicle. Globally it's made up of different components such as the flywheel, the clutch, the gearbox, the axle and its differential as well as the drive shafts. There are two-wheel drive transmissions of the traction or propulsion type, and four-wheel drive of the integral type.

On a traction vehicle, the torque from the engine is transmitted to the front wheels, while on propulsion, the rear wheels are driven. A vehicle with all four-wheel drive has an all-wheel drive that can be engaged, semi-permanent or permanent. Heavily used, the transmission requires regular maintenance, including periodic replacement of its fluids.

DriftShop offers many products to help you to take care of your OEM transmission or replace its components for better performance:

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From daily to competitive use, here you will find transmission parts from the biggest brands, adapted to suit all your needs. Discover our bestsellers, the reinforced clutch capable of absorbing additional torque and to withstand intensive use, with the lightened flywheel which allows the engine to get higher RPMs quicker, 1.5 or 2-way limited slip differentials which, by correcting the distribution of the torque on the drive wheels, can help improve traction. For maximum protection of your transmission, we provide a range of oils dedicated to gearboxes and LSDs, as well as other accessories such as short shifters which allow quick gear changes, or even swap kits to adapt the gearbox of another model to your vehicle.