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Fender flares (or arch extensions) are bodywork parts that allow very wide or high offset rims to be fitted to the vehicle by providing additional wheel arch clearance. They also protect the car from stones, mud and other dirt thrown by the tires.

These parts are popular accessories on pick-ups, SUVs, 4x4s but also on sports cars, and they come in different styles, from thin to very thick, with extensions usually ranging from 25 to 150 mm. Depending on the product, they give a discreet retro look, a modern and trendy taste or even an extreme effect as a reminder of the legendary racing cars of the 60s and 70s.

Fender flares are usually made of fiberglass or ABS plastic, materials which gives them both flexibility and lightness. You may have to cut and drill the fenders in order to install these parts. Some manufacturers provides optional rubber gaskets for perfect fit and sealing as well as suitable hardware kits.

In most cases, fender flares are universal parts and require some adaptation for proper mounting. Depending on the product, they can be screwed, riveted or glued.

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Jumdoo and Origin Labo: the must-have arch extensions!

Driftshop features high-quality products made by fender flare experts Jumdoo and Origin Labo.

Inspired by the world of drifting, the Jumdoo company makes ABS fender flares that are ultra-flexible, UV treated and very affordable. Their product range includes standard, concave, classic or hyperbolic models. The manufacturer also produces gaskets and kits to ease installation and removal, and to ensure a long lifespan of its products.

Headquarted in Japan, Origin Labo produces a wide range of body parts, including reinforced fiberglass fender flares. Featuring a simple and versatile design, they can be mounted on any type of vehicle. Thanks to their balanced size, these parts are perfect for giving your car a punchy drift style.