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FIA approved rally and circuit suits designed to protect the driver

A racing suit is usually a single-piece garment intended to ensure the protection of its wearer in a race, a time trial, or other type of competition. These racing suits have to meet many safety standards in order to receive approval.

There are suits for drivers, co-drivers, technicians and other support staff. This outfit must provide protection against flames and projections of glass and objects. It can be made from aramid, acrylic, polyamide and other fibers.

As a general rule, the more layers a suit has, the more it protects the wearer. Keep in mind that each layer only provides fire protection for a few seconds. A special case for the single-layer Sparco suits with Hocotex technology capable of providing exceptional fire-resistant performance.

The racing suits can feature breathable parts, elastic panels, pockets and other refinements improving comfort, functionality and freedom of movement. Lightweight suits, in addition to being more comfortable to wear, notably reduce fatigue during long races.

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Sparco FIA Driver Equipment Discount Pack in stock

Sparco FIA Driver Equipment Discount Pack

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Discount  -25% DriftShop Racing Suit (FIA) in stock

DriftShop Racing Suit (FIA)

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Sparco Ice-Vest

Sparco Ice-Vest

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Sparco and Stand 21 race suits, for the driver and all his team!

DriftShop has a wide choice of Sparco and Stand 21 racing suits and equipment for the driver, co-driver or mechanic. On this page you will find the product you need for all competitions: circuit, drift, rally, historic races, etc.

Sparco provides quality suits for all needs and budgets. From the entry-level model for beginners in motorsport to the lightest and most efficient outfit in terms of protection, you can be sure to benefit from all the know-how of the Italian brand with elegant, comfortable and reliable products. For the most demanding, some suits feature a customizable finish with options of adding logos, sponsors, names, etc.

You will also find on this page an FIA approved Sparco discount pack including a suit, gloves and shoes for the driver and other optional equipment, as well as suit bags ideal for race track trips and recharge kits to prolong the cooling effect of the X-Cool treatment.