Chassis & Alignment

The best parts to optimize your car's chassis!

The "skeleton" of the vehicle, the chassis is the structure which supports its various mechanical organs. It essentially holds the car together and guarantees the protection of the occupants in the event of an accident. Exposed to bending, twisting and vibration, the chassis must be strong, but also rigid and light, to be effective.

The most common type of chassis on modern sports cars is the unibody chassis, integral with the body and made of pressed steel sheets. Reserved for prestigious sports cars produced in small series or racing cars, the tubular chassis is mainly made up of tubes welded together and is distinguished by its reduced weight and high rigidity.

Whether it's for maintenance or upgrading the chassis of your car, DriftShop offers a wide range of products adapted to suit all needs :

Powerflex, DriftMAX, Wisefab, Tein, Whiteline... DriftShop offer some of the best brands.

From daily use on the road to competitive use on circuits and other terrains, discover our choice of chassis parts from major brands available at the best price. We offer poly bushes with increased rigidity, durability and superior driving precision compared to the original rubber bushes, reinforced suspension arms, tie rods and adjustable links for an ultra-precise adjustment of your wheel alignment. In addition, DriftShop also provide steering elements specially developed for ultimate performance in grip or drift allowing you to increase the steering angle, to increase roll center or to adjust camber and caster, as well as solutions to improve the handling and stability of your car using struts braces and anti-roll bars or sport shock absorbers and lowering springs.