Check out our choice of lubricants, essential for both performance and reliability

Fluids are essential elements to take into account when maintaining your car. They perform various functions, from lubrication to protection, including cleaning and cooling. Their lifespan is generally limited, so it is necessary to check them (level, appearance, etc.) and replace them periodically in order to guarantee optimal and lasting performance for your vehicle. On prepared mechanics, the oils and liquids recommended by the manufacturers may no longer be suitable for your use and it is, therefore, essential to opt for products specially developed for high performance.

Whether as part of the maintenance of a stock or modified vehicle, at DriftShop you will find all the fluids that will allow you to make the most of your car's performance:

Choose Motul's expertise and our selection of oils for your car.

We are partners of the biggest brands specializing in fluids or cleaning products, such as Motul, Nismo, Voodoo Ride, , or . We offer a wide range of engine oils suitable for stock, modified and historic vehicles as well as corresponding filters, but also numerous types of transmission oils for the gearbox (manual or automatic) and the differential (LSD or open).

For a healthy engine, our range also includes additives, hyper-lubricants, cleaners and octane boosters, as well as maintenance and aesthetic products to give your car the shine it deserves, such as microfiber cloths, bodywork shampoos, waxes or polishes. Also discover on this page the best coolants, brake fluids and windshield washers on the market.