Equip your cockpit with our selection of bucket seats, steering wheels, harnesses at the best prices

Covering the driver and passengers, the main role of the interior of a car is to protect the occupants in the event of an impact or accident. Unlike the body which is deformable, it is designed to be particularly rigid.

If it is to be safe for the occupants, the interior must be functional and offer a certain level of comfort. When it comes to sporty driving, it must provide the driver with a suitable environment so that he is comfortable on board and able to use the various controls quickly and easily.

At DriftShop, you will find a full range of products to personalize the interior of your car, increase its sportiness or adapt it for competitive entry with FIA approved parts:

Nothing is more comfortable than riding in a Sparco seat with a DriftShop steering wheel

We offer a wide choice of parts from the biggest brands at great prices to equip and modify the interior of your vehicle according to your requirements. Find everything you need here with a selection of sport steering wheels for perfect grip and precise actions, bucket seats and harnesses for ideal body support and maximum protection, or gauges to keep an eye on your engine in all circumstances.

Also on this page: roll cages, fire extinguishers, driver equipment and other safety products for competitions or trackdays, accessories for customizing such as shifters and gear lever gaiters, pedals... or more track related elements such as batteries, circuit breakers, fuses boxes and LED strips for drifting.