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7Twenty alloy wheels for an extreme look

Official 7Twenty dealer, DriftShop has a large stock of alloy wheels from the manufacturer and offers these products at very competitive prices.

Inspired by the JDM and drift styles, 7Twenty products feature ultra wide dishes and extreme concave designs for spectacular fitments on road or competition cars. Add to this very eye-catching finishes and you get single-piece wheels that can turn heads!

These popular Stance-style wheels are made by molding or flow-forming process, offering an excellent lightness/strength ratio. Quality, original products marketed at affordable prices.

Due to their technical specifications, 7Twenty wheels are designed to be mated with coilover type adjustable suspensions, with bodywork in some cases, in order to obtain the best result: reduced ride height, flush-to-fender tires...

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The finest 7Twenty wheels at the best price!
7Twenty JDM and drift style wheels in stock and available at the best price!

Launched in 2014, the English brand 7Twenty specializes in the production of aluminum wheels with aggressive profiles. Since its first model, the Style14, the company has continued to grow and expand its offer to take the aftermarket rim market by storm.

Ideal for Japanese and German sports vehicles, 7Twenty rims are available in many models, such as the mesh-type Style44 and Style57, deep concave layouts such as the Style46 with 5 twin spokes and Style55 with 7 spokes, or the very racing Style51 with its wide lip and 5 spokes.

Whatever your use, 7Twenty is sure to provide you with wild style wheels, born from the drifting world, and available in many colors, diameters, offsets and PCDs (4x100, 5x114.3, 5x120...).