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A wide range of track day or FIA approved helmets

Helmets are essential safety equipments for track days and competition made to protect the driver's (and co-driver's) head in the event of an accident or flying debris. It is designed in thermoplastic or composite materials such as fiberglass, carbon or Kevlar.

The most popular models are full-face helmets that covers the entire head and including a polycarbonate visor, and jet helmets, which are lighter, leaving the front of the face exposed but offering a wide field of vision. There are FIA approved models for the practice of motorsport or non-approved ones for occasional track sessions.

All helmets feature chin ventilation and most of the time additional air vents to enhance comfort. Some have upholstery which is fireproof and / or removable, repositionable and washable. The high-end models can integrate clips for the Hans system ("whiplash" protection frame), a communication system, a bracket for a camel back hydration pack...

It is important to bear in mind that the internal solid foam structure deforms to absorb the shock in the event of an accident. This is why it is essential to dispose of the helmet after a strong impact.

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Motorsport Sparco helmets for rally, karting and drift

DriftShop provides a selection of helmets for all budgets and all uses, from leisure to competition. Check out the range of Sparco helmets and accessories as well as dedicated Motul cleaning products.

Italian equipment manufacturer Sparco produces full-face helmets and jets that combine design, protection and comfort. You will also find many accessories such as helmet hooks, anatomic neck support collars, nets, helmet and Hans bags, boxes and carry bags.

French company Motul is not left behind with products to clean and maintain your helmet, both exterior and interior. Take care of your safety equipment with these spray bottles specially designed so that you can enjoy your helmet for a long time!