Who are we ?

DriftShop is the brainchild of 3 co-founders: Nicolas and Aurélie KOENIG and Steve LEIBER, who have pooled their respective skills and strengths to set up a 100% e-commerce business selling car parts for racing and customization. Launched in 2011, DriftShop has never stopped growing, first in France and then around the world. We now reach 2 million visitors a year to our websites and deliver to more than 170 countries worldwide. As a result of this international expansion, we can proudly say that 40% of our customers are non-French. A showroom was also inaugurated in 2023 to welcome live visitors.

How did DriftShop succeed to grow up so fast ?

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A team of dedicated car enthusiasts

In addition to its passionate founders, the company employs more than 40 dedicated people who take the company a step further every day. From customer service to IT development, logistics, marketing, operations and purchasing, it's a whole organization supporting its customers and suppliers. The DriftShop team always puts its customers and partners first.

Today, this value enables us to be proud to work alongside more than 180 suppliers and to offer more than 300 brands, including our own brands.

Équipe DriftShop

Up to 1,000 parcels are dispatched from our warehouse every day. Our 8,000m2 inventory enables us to offer you a large quantity of products quickly, with delivery within 24 to 48 hours on average. To gain efficiency, our stocks are evolving to include the factor of robotization. DriftShop grasps the future and technology with both hands!

In order to meet you in the field, DriftShop and its association Motor Show Organisation (MSO) set up and take part in various events such as car shows and rallies, including the legendary DriftCup, which takes place every year in June and enables hundreds of enthusiasts to meet and drive on the same track.

When the schedule and track availability permit, we also organize drifting practice track days open to everyone at an affordable price. These track days are supervised by experienced, qualified driving and drifting instructors. We also excel in other motorsports, including rallying, karting, endurance and other track races.

Our Story

DriftShop it’s Drift… Yeah, but not only

Starting out as a drift specialist, DriftShop is moving away from its niche market towards a more global one and to open up to other disciplines such as circuit racing and rallying; because we are first and foremost motorsport enthusiasts.

Our Brands

And many more...