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With the Fifteen52 aluminium wheels, you'll have a lot of thrills!

DriftShop is an official distributor of Fifteen52 alloy wheels and has many references in stock for delivery within a few days to your home.

Sharing the same passion for speed and exceeding limits, Fifteen52 works alongside Ken Block, well known for his exploits in the Gymkhana drift videos. Many of the vehicles driven by this extreme sports enthusiast feature the brand's rims, illustrating the solidity of its products.

Fifteen52's philosophy is to adapt a style inherited from the track and rally to the road. By combining an attractive look and sturdiness, these rims are truly designed to be compatible with everyday driving.

Rather than following trends, the Fifteen52 teams strive to create original products by charting their own course to make a lasting impression and meet the expectations of the most demanding enthusiasts.

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The finest Fifteen52 wheels at the best price!
The best of Fifteen52 alloy wheels for road or competition use

Since 1996, the Californian brand Fifteen52 has been producing monobloc or forged wheels with instantly recognizable modern designs. Its Tarmac and Turbomac models have quickly become true classics in the global automotive landscape.

Offered at the best price, Fifteen52 wheels are designed for a large number of sports and racing cars. The manufacturer's range includes in particular the high performance Chicane and Podium models.

Inspired by the style of the 90's, the Chicane features 5 spokes rolled back at the lip that will allow you to highlight your brakes, while the Podium with its Super Touring tones stands out with its minimalist multi-spokes design and its lug cap mimicking a center lock assembly used in competition.