Valino VR08GP Neuma 255/35R18 Tyres - TW200 (pair)

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Valino VR08GP Neuma 255/35R18 Tires

  • Semi-slick tires made by Valino
  • Designed for competitive and casual grip driving
  • Ideal for circuit (track days, time attack...) and street use
  • Size : 255/35R18
  • Model : VR08GP Neuma
  • Treadwear : TW200 (medium)
  • Sold by pair (price shown above is for a pair)
  • Road-approved in Europe

Valino VR08GP Neuma Tyres Specifications

Having established itself in the world of drifting in just a few years, the Japanese brand Valino is now tackling the high-performance grip tyre market with the VR08GP Neuma. By optimising the VR08GP formula, the manufacturer wanted to produce a tyre with high grip, easy control and long life, all at a very competitive price.

Approved for road use in Europe, this tyre is particularly suitable for circuit enthusiasts who want to drive to the track sessions and back, all by road and with the same tyres. It's also ideal for people who don't have the space to store many sets of tyres, or simply don't have the money.

This semi-slick tyre with asymmetric tread and rounded sidewalls combines a lightly textured section to maximise grip on dry surfaces and a section with deeper grooves designed to quickly evacuate water in the rain. Easy to handle even for beginners, it proves to be reactive, safe at the limit thanks to a very good communication, and offers a high vertical and horizontal grip.

The VR08GP Neuma performs very well, even when cold - an undeniable plus for road use - and handles with ease all types of corners, from the tightest hairpin to the fastest curve. Its treadwear of 200 means that it has a pretty long life and can even be considered for low budget endurance racing.


Manufacturer Valino
Japanese company, Valino manufactures high quality drift tires, designed with the help of well known drivers such as Naoki Nakamura, Katsuhiro Ueo, Noato Suenaga and Tetsuya Hibino. Developed initially for drifting competitions in Japan, Valino semi-slick tires are available in two ranges, Pergea and Greeva, with several Treadwear ratings, optimized for different levels of performance and longevity.