As their name suggests, they are innovative, the American brand Innovate offers various very useful gauges: wideband for unleaded fuel or ethanol (E85), replacement probes, double lambda analyzers for V engines, 2-in-1 pressure gauges ... To help you check and adjust your vehicle with precision.

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Basic or multifunctional, Innovate gauges provide information on different settings of your set-up: richness of exhaust gases, fuel temperature, ethanol level, boost pressure, water temperature, voltage ... Each product is delivered with all the required installation material and assembly instructions.

Real Innovation

Established in the Chicago area, Innovate Motorsports is specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of universal monitoring gauges. Since the release of the LM-1 model, rewarded at the 2003 SEMA Show with the "Best New Product" award, the brand has continuously expanded its range to offer ever more sophisticated solutions in the areas of engine tuning and diagnostics.

All Innovate products benefit from total adjustability, which gives the user the possibility of creating their own personalized set-up. The MTS (Modular Tuning System) is scalable and each device shares the same communication method for simplified linking.

Proof of the extreme reliability of Innovate products, many drivers and tuners engaged in drag racing trust the brand for the preparation of their machines.