HKS Turbo Timer Harness FT-6 : Subaru Impreza GH8, GRB, Legacy, Forester... (plug & play)

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This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

HKS Turbo Timer FT-6 Harness

  • Allows to install a turbo timer without modifying the vehicle's original wiring
  • Full compatibility list below
  • Made in Japan, authentic HKS product
  • High quality, reliable and easy to use

HKS Turbo Timer Harness Compatible Car Models (FT-6)

  • Subaru Impreza GRB STI R205 from 01/2010 (EJ20)
  • Subaru Impreza GH8 from 06/2007 (EJ20)
  • Subaru Exiga YA5 from 06/2008 (EJ20)
  • Subaru Forester SH5 from 12/2007 (EJ20)
  • Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon BP5 from 05/2006 to 04/2007 (EJ20)
  • Subaru Legacy B4 BL5 from 05/2006 to 04/2007 (EJ20)

HKS FT-6 Turbo Timer Harness Description

The "harness" is an adapter allowing to install your turbo timer withing cutting your original wiring (passing through the car's ignition, see diagram below). This harness guarantees a quick and 100% reversible installation !

Installation Diagram


Car Make Subaru
Manufacturer HKS
Manufacturer SKU 41003-AF006

One of the leading Japanese brands, HKS are world famous for their wide range of auto tuning products. Created by Hasegawa-San and Kitagawa-San in 1973, the company uses the initials of it's founders, as well as their partner Sigma Automotive. Present in drifting, GT, drag racing or even rally, HKS offer all sorts of high performance parts : exhaust, transmission, engine components, electronics, etc.