Exedy Reinforced Carbon-R Triple Clutch for Toyota Supra MK4 (JZA80)

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Carbon-R Triple Clutch Toyota Supra MK4

  • For Toyota Supra MK4 (JZA80)
  • Years : 1993-1998
  • Engine code : 2JZ-GTE (3.0L)
  • Max torque capacity : 850 Nm (630 lb.ft)
  • Friction material : carbon
  • Exedy Reference: TM043SBMC1

To suit

  • Car : Toyota Supra MK4 (JZA80)
  • Years : 1993-1998
  • Engine code : 2JZ-GTE (3.0L)

Technical information

  • Range : Carbon-R Triple
  • Max torque capacity : 850 Nm (630 lb.ft)
  • Discs diameter : 200 mm
  • Number of discs : 3
  • Friction material : carbon
  • Sprung discs : no
  • Clutch type : pull
  • Inertia reduction VS OEM : 40 to 50%
  • Bearing included : yes
  • Kit reference : TM043SBMC1
  • Components reference : cover CM37S + disc DP01 + disc DP01 + disc DP01

Exedy Reinforced Carbon-R Triple Clutch for Toyota Supra MK4 (JZA80) Specifications

Exedy Carbon clutches use knowledge directly derived from F1 technology, as Exedy have been manufacturers for the sport since 1995. When used in passenger vehicles, these carbon clutches offer excellent, smooth operation and reduced inertia - all whilst being capable of handling far higher power than an OE item. The kits consist of a lightened flywheel, rigid friction plates, pressure plate and all fixings/parts required for a full clutch kit assembly*.

The use of carbon allows a high operating temperature and a longer life than traditional friction materials. For performance race use only, this clutch kit is the ultimate solution for applications around 700-900 HP.

Exedy Carbon-R clutches use rigid carbon friction plates for the ultimate in response, bite and shift times. They are recommended for pure race vehicles only.

What are the advantages of a carbon clutch?

Compared to traditional frictional materials, carbon clutches have several important advantages :

  • The coefficient of friction (grip) of a carbon clutch increases with temperature. Thus, a carbon clutch will be comfortable for everyday use, whilst having great capacity for sports use, giving the ideal behaviour under both situations.
  • Carbon dissipates temperature better than traditional friction materials, and retains coefficient of friction even after high temperature increases. Therefore, carbon offers a better endurance and lifespan (up to x2).
  • Lighter than traditional types, carbon clutch discs reduce weight and inertia within your transmission, improving performance (throttle response, gear changes etc...)
  • Carbon expands 20 times less than a cerametalic friction surface under the influence of temperature. A carbon clutch suffers no change in pedal feel during use and is not subject to "sticking".

This kit is also available as a "Carbon-D" kit, which uses sprung friction plates.

It is possible to order spare parts and disc mechanisms only, please contact us for more details!

Exedy clutches are made in Japan. They benefit from Japanese build quality and guarantee extreme robustness and outstanding performance and reliability. The "Hyper" and "Carbon-D" (stages 3, 4 and 5, single and multi-disc) have been specifically designed to be mechanically considerate. Their design insulates noise and absorbs shock, helping protect your transmission. They fit directly, with no modifications needed.

*A release bearing may not be included.


Car Make Toyota
Engine Code 2JZ-GTE
Manufacturer Exedy
Car Model Toyota Supra MK4

Short for Excellent Dynamics, Exedy is a Japanese company whose parts have been present in motorsport since the 60's. Specialising in reinforced clutches and transmission components, Exedy's clutches are made at their factory in Japan and have featured in many victories in F1, Moto GP and of course drifting.