Tein Mono Sport Coilovers for Toyota Cresta / Chaser / Mark II JZX110

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This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

Tein Mono Sport Coilovers

  • Toyota Cresta / Chaser
  • Performance mono-tube system!
  • Spring rates : 12 kgF/mm (front) and 10 kgF/mm (rear)
  • Height adjustment : from 1 to -130 mm (front) and 54 to -109 mm (rear)
  • Compatible with Tein EDFC
  • Tein reference : GSY20-71SS3
  • OEM fitment, no extra parts needed
  • Anti-corrosion coating and dust boots
  • Fast delivery!

Toyota Cresta / Chaser

Model : Toyota Mark II JZX110, from October 2000 to May 2007.

A direct evolution of the previous Mono Flex coilovers, Tein Mono Sport have been developed with one thing in mind: driving pleasure. The dampers are specifically designed for individual vehicles in order to bring out the best in ride quality and performance. Tuned for sports use on road or circuit, Mono Flex, although firmer than Street systems, are great for everyday driving due to their wide range of damping adjustment. With their mono-tube design, they offer consistent oil stability, enduring linear damping, while providing outstanding performance and excellent accuracy for fast driving on road and circuit. The ride height adjustment is independent of the spring adjustment, ensuring full damper stroke across all ride height settings. Mono Sport also use a newly formulated damper oil, giving stable viscosity at any temperature.

  • Seperate ride height and spring preload adjustment.
  • Spring rates : 12 kgF/mm (front) and 10 kgF/mm (rear)
  • Height adjustment : from 1 to -130 mm (front) and 54 to -109 mm (rear)
  • Tein Reference : GSY20-71SS3
  • Compatible with Tein EDFC (Ref. EDK05-12120)
  • Fitment is "plug & play", no additional parts required
  • Spherical bearing upper mounts (camber adjustable for McPherson suspension)
  • Damper overhaul is available from Tein

Damping is adjustable via 16 stages. Mono Flex is compatible with Tein EDFC (sold seperately), for adjusting damping electronically from within the car. With EDFC, the level of adjustment increases to 32 stages (EDFC standard) or 64 stages (EDFC Active).

Mono Flex come with aluminium upper mounts, allowing camber adjustment on McPherson suspension. Using Japanese manufacturing, Tein products give unparalleled quality, high reliability and a long lifetime.


Car Make Toyota
Car Model Toyota Chaser / Cresta / Mark II
Manufacturer Tein
Manufacturer SKU GSY20-71SS3

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