Tein EDFC Active Pro

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This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

Tein EDFC Active Pro Suspension Management Unit

  • The ultimate version of the famous Tein EDFC Active!
  • Damping hardness control with 64 levels from inside the car
  • Automatic adjustment in correspondance to g force and speed
  • Independent adjustment of the 4 dampers
  • Up to 10 saved presets
  • 2 additional input ports
  • Additional features
  • Capacity for upgrades
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  • Motors
  • Optional GPS Kit
  • Optional Strut Kit

Tein EDFC Active Pro Specifications

With the Tein EDFC Active (Electronic Damping Force Controller) system, you no longer have to get out of your vehicle, open the hood or remove the rear linings to adjust the hardness of your suspension! You can now adjust it from inside the car, via a control unit operating the motors placed on the adjustment knobs of your Tein shock absorbers.

In addition, the system allows you to take advantage of an adjustment range extended to 64 settings (instead of 32 with the EDFC 2 and 16 without) for superior control. You can also keep 3 hardness settings memorized that you then activate with a finger depending on the situation: city, highway, winding roads ...

Unlike the EDFC Active which allows you to adjust the damping hardness independently between the front and the rear but simultaneously between the left and the right, the EDFC Active Pro allows the individual adjustment of the 4 dampers. In addition, while the EDFC Active offers an automatic firmness control according to the variations of g force at acceleration and deceleration (longitudinal force), this evolution adds an automatic adjustment capacity according to the changes of g forces in turns (lateral force). This gives you the ability to limit chassis roll, control the load distribution left / right when cornering and increase your speed when cornering. The EDFC Active Pro also includes an automatic speed-dependent adjustment (note that signal acquisition may not be possible on certain vehicles). The longitudinal g force, lateral g force and speed modes can be combined for an unprecedented precise adjustment.

The system has two additional external input ports to suit all needs. For example, it is possible to connect it to the handbrake signal for better management of drifts, to a universal switch that the driver can operate depending on the situation, etc.

For simplified installation and wiring, the EDFC Active Pro has wireless control. The control unit is connected wirelessly to the motor control unit, avoiding the installation of complicated and unsightly wiring.

The Tein EDFC Active Pro system control unit has an extended display with a 22 x 60 mm screen for better visibility and incorporates a tri-axial acceleration sensor for perfect functioning regardless of its layout in the vehicle.

The product offers many other functions: choice of the frequency for resetting the motors to zero, choice of the minimum speed before activation of the adjustment according to g force, automatic adjustment of the intensity of the display, adjustable display angle on two positions, volume adjustment, self-diagnosis and alert, screen color adjustment, display of the damping hardness level, g force and speed, or even locking controls.

With additional equipment, it is possible to manage Tein coilovers with separate adjustment of compression and rebound (Super Racing for example). The EDFC Active control unit is capable of controlling up to 8 motors independently using additional control units. Contact us for more information on the necessary parts.

The Tein EDFC Active system is compatible with the Tein EnduraPro Plus, EnduraPro Plus SP Kit, Street Flex, Street Advance Z, Street Advance Z4, Mono Racing, Mono Sport, Flex A, Flex Z suspensions. To ensure compatibility '' EDFC with your vehicle and your coilovers, don't hesitate to use the Tein Europe official search engine. The latter also allows you to confirm the type of motors required depending on the model.

Optional equipment :

  • Strut Kit : recommended for vehicles with front struts, the Strut Kit avoids the risk of the EDFC wiring getting tangled by adding a stopper bracket

  • GPS Kit : available for EDFC Active and Active Pro, the GPS Kit adds additional functionalities to the system. Among these, the possibility of automatically modulating the hardness of the damping according to the speed of the vehicle, or of simultaneously using the adjustment modes relating to the speed and to the g force. This GPS Kit also provides other information: vehicle speed, altitude, longitude, latitude, distance traveled and synchronized time.
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