Motul Youngtimer "Classic Eighties" Engine Oil - 10W40 (2L)

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This item is made in France!
This item is made in France!

Perfect for Youngtimer Vehicles!

  • Semi-synthetic oil, grade 10W40
  • Sold per 2 litre metal cans
  • Ideal for 70's to 90's vehicles
  • Protection during long storage
  • High zinc content (ZDDP)
  • Yesterday's standards and modern technology !

Motul Youngtimer "Classic Eighties" 10W40 Engine Oil Specifications

Specially designed for Youngtimers, this semi-synthetic engine oil is ideal for vehicles from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Very common at the time, grade 10W40 was intended for gasoline and Diesel engines, N/A, turbocharged or supercharged, with electronic injection or carburetors. This engine oil is formulated with modern technology detergents adapted to the requirements of conventional engines, and provides protection during long storage (wintering, restoration, etc.).

Combining yesterday's standards and modern technology, this Youngtimer oil has been developed with a perfect balance between performance and protection of classic engines thanks in particular to its high zinc content (ZDDP - content greater than 1800 ppm) and its formula reinforced with synthetic base, providing excellent cold flow properties to reduce start-up wear.

Motul recommends to operate at least one oil change per year, to be adapted according to your own use. This Motul Youngtimer "Classic Eighties" 10W40 oil can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils.


Grade 10W40
Manufacturer Motul
Packing 2L
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A real pioneer in synthetic oil, Motul were the first company to use ester technology in their lubricants. Invented originally for aeronautical use, esters are organic based molecules, that allow the lubricant better resistance to shearing and far higher temperatures than normal. Motul are one of the leaders in technolological innovation when it comes to lubricants, their 300V oils are known around the world and a are one of the most frequently chosen oils in motorsport.