Motul Gear Power LV 70W Manual Transmission Fluid (1L)

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Dispatched Friday, April 19, 2024

This item is made in France!
This item is made in France!

Motul Gear Power LV Manual Transmission Fluid

  • 100% synthetic monograde 70W fluid
  • Designed for newer manual gearboxes
  • High performance lubricant
  • Ideal for road or competition use
  • Fuel economy
  • API GL4 standard
  • Sold per 1 litre

Motul Gear Power LV 70W Manual Transmission Fluid Specifications

Motul Gear Power LV 70W high performance transmission oil has been specially formulated for manual gearboxes of recent vehicles requiring low viscosity fluid. It is indicated in all conditions of street or racing use. Its 100% synthetic composition offers maximum protection to your gears: high lubricating power, stable viscosity, optimal cooling and long life.

This extreme pressure fluid is packaged in a 1 litre bottle and is compatible with all manual gearboxes requiring 70W monograde oil conforming to API GL-4 standard. Its high lubricity reduces friction while its high fluidity at very low temperatures favours cold gear engagement. The use of this oil also contributes to fuel savings.

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Grade 70W
Manufacturer Motul
Packing 1L

A real pioneer in synthetic oil, Motul were the first company to use ester technology in their lubricants. Invented originally for aeronautical use, esters are organic based molecules, that allow the lubricant better resistance to shearing and far higher temperatures than normal. Motul are one of the leaders in technolological innovation when it comes to lubricants, their 300V oils are known around the world and a are one of the most frequently chosen oils in motorsport.