Motul All in One Diesel Engine Cleaner (1L)

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This item is made in France!
This item is made in France!

Motul All in One Diesel Cleaner

  • Multi-action additive for all types of diesel engines
  • Effectively cleans engine deposits and fouling
  • Restores stock performance and power
  • Reduces fuel consumption, gas and particle emissions
  • Facilitates cold starts
  • Facilitates the regeneration of the particulate filter
  • Increases the cetane number
  • 1L bottle to be poured into the diesel tank before refueling

Motul All in One Diesel Engine Cleaner Specifications

Motul's All in One Diesel additive is a complete curative cleaner suitable for all diesel engines (direct or indirect injection, turbo or natural aspiration, with or without DPF and SCR). It is compatible with diesel or B7 and B10 biodiesel fuels.

Thanks to its multi-action formula, this product effectively cleans injectors and valves, facilitates the regeneration of the DPF, limits condensation throughout the fuel system, reduces consumption, increases the cetane number of the fuel and improves combustion for optimal engine performance.

How to use: Pour the entire bottle (1 liter) directly into the diesel tank before refueling. One dose is sufficient for tanks up to 80 liters. Drive normally until all the fuel is used.


Manufacturer Motul
Packing 1L

A real pioneer in synthetic oil, Motul were the first company to use ester technology in their lubricants. Invented originally for aeronautical use, esters are organic based molecules, that allow the lubricant better resistance to shearing and far higher temperatures than normal. Motul are one of the leaders in technolological innovation when it comes to lubricants, their 300V oils are known around the world and a are one of the most frequently chosen oils in motorsport.