MMG Motorsport

Since 2013, MMG Motorsport has been modifying and tuning vehicles for competitions, and more specifically drifting. Very versatile, this Polish garage creates roll cages, performs engine swaps, improves braking circuits, adjusts suspensions and much more. The company also manufactures and markets crash bars for BMW and other brands that protect the front or rear of vehicles in the event of a collision on track.

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Crash Bars & Jack Points

Crash Bars & Jack Points

A specialty of MMG Motorsport, crash bars limit the damage to your car in the event of a frontal or rear impact on track. Installed behind the bumpers, these bars protect the mechanical parts (radiator, intercooler ...) exposed to the risk of getting damaged. The company also offers tubular baskets to secure FIA fuel tanks and jacking points that make it easier to change wheels on the track or in the paddock.

Drift Safety

Passionate about drifting, the MMG Motorsport team offers a large number of products for owners of BMW (E36, E46, E92 ...), Nissan and other Japanese brands. Experts in MIG, MAG and TIG welding, these professionals produce all types of tubular structures with one obsession in mind: offering maximum protection in competitions. Thanks to these extremely solid and durable parts, the drifter only has to focus on his driving, trying to "kiss the wall" and nailing the tsuiso.