Link PlugIn G4X Multi-Brand "Plug & Play" ECU

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Link G4X PlugIn ECU

  • Fully programmable "Plug & Play" ECU
  • Plugs directly into factory harness, no rewiring necessary
  • Select your vehicle from the list below
  • Integrated 4 or 7 bar MAP sensor
  • Motorsport functions: anti-lag, launch control, flat shift
  • Knock control: 2 channels
  • Boost control
  • CAN bus support
  • 512 Mb of memory for data logging
  • Made in New Zealand
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Link PlugIn G4X ECU Specifications

Link PlugIn G4X programmable ECUs feature the latest in engine management technology and help you get the most out of your vehicle. Easy to install, reliable and affordable, these products plug into the stock harness without modification and replace the circuit board inside the factory ECU housing. Please note: most models are only compatible with manual transmissions.

On most applications, it is possible to perform 6-dimensional fuel and ignition mapping, control closed-loop variable valve timing, manage sequential fueling, perform independent cylinder correction, etc. The G4X has a "QuickTune" function (automatic fuel adjustment) and allows to select in real time the Flex Fuel, ignition and boost maps.

Very powerful, the G4X ECUs are equipped with a 150 MHz microprocessor capable of an ignition resolution of 0.1°, an injection resolution of 0.01 ms, and benefit from 512 Mb of memory allocated to data logging. In addition to keeping most of the factory features, the G4X ECUs add many other functions: boost control, anti-lag, traction control, gear shift control, launch control... They integrate a 4 or 7 bar MAP sensor depending on the vehicle.

Each ECU supports the CAN bus protocol (2 channels) and has a USB connectivity. The configuration requires a PC and is done with the PCLink software (downloadable from the manufacturer's website). Mapping must be done by a professional. The ECU is preloaded with a basic configuration allowing to start most of the engines after having made some adjustments.

For detailed technical specifications, please see the manufacturer's documentation.

The above list of assignments is non-exhaustive and presented as an indication only, please refer to the manufacturer's website to check the compatibility with your vehicle before ordering.

Comparison of the main features of the Link G4X and G4+ ECUs

Box contents

  • 1 x G4X PlugIn ECU
  • 1 x MAP sensor (for applications where the factory sensor is not compatible)
  • 1 x antistatic strap
  • 1 x harness
  • 1 x installation instructions
Link Engine Management (also known as LinkECU) is one of the market leaders in specialized motorsports electronics. Headquartered in New Zealand, the company develops, manufactures and markets engine control units that are known worldwide for their high performance, reliability and value for money.