GReddy Zip Ties in 150 mm (20 pcs)

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Dispatched Wednesday, April 17, 2024

This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

GReddy Cable Ties

  • Pack of 20 black zip ties with white logo
  • Length : 150 mm
  • High-grade polyamide resin
  • Loop tensile strength : 32 kgF
  • Heat resistance : from -40°C to +105°C
  • Weatherproof flame retardant : UL94V-2 approved
  • GReddy part number : 18001745

Pack of 20 GReddy Zip Ties 150 mm Specifications

This set of 20 GReddy cable ties (also known as zip ties) is ideal for tightening your reservoir covers, securing your cables or for all sorts of repairs. Made of heavy duty polyamide resin, these fasteners colored in black and embellished with the white "GReddy" logo will go with you on all your jobs.

Cable ties 250 mm in length. Also available in 200 and 250 mm.


Manufacturer GReddy

Founded in 1977 in Japan, Trust is a huge company in the tuning world. Trust make all of their products in Japan, at their factory in Chiba, Tokyo. Their huge range is split into numerous well known brands, such as GReddy (exhausts, turbo kits, radiators and intercoolers, electronics...), GREX and GRacer. DriftShop have an exclusive partnership with Trust in Japan, allowing us to offer their products straight from the factory, at the best prices and without going through another distributor.