GReddy Twin Turbo Kit for Nissan 370Z

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This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

GReddy Twin Turbo Kit for Z34

  • For Nissan 370Z
  • Engine code : VQ37VHR
  • Ideal for stock or tuned engines
  • 2 T517Z-8cm² turbos at 0.5+ bar
  • Power output : 500+ hp
  • High quality build
  • Kit designed and made in Japan by GReddy
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GReddy Twin Turbo Kit for Nissan 370Z Specifications

With a great deal of experience in the turbo field, GReddy offers very high quality kits specially designed to provide forced induction to N/A engines. Rather than opting for an expensive N/A build involving the replacement of many internal parts, the choice of a conversion kit like this can prove to be more interesting in terms of performance and budget.

Developed for the Nissan 370Z, this kit includes two very versatile T517Z turbos, heavy-duty exhaust manifolds and a twin left-right intercooler for intake balance. It can be installed on a stock engine with the restrictor included (boost up to 0.6 bar) but also on an engine reinforced with forged pistons without the restrictor (boost up to 1 bar). This kit can be used with a catalytic converter and requires higher flow rates fuel pump and injectors, as well as custom ECU mapping.

In tests conducted by GReddy, the VQ37VHR was able to produce an additional 157 hp and 200 Nm over stock (see power dyno sheet), on a vehicle equipped with R35 injectors, AEM fuel pump, Nismo exhaust muffler, R35 pressure sensor and Ecutek management. The manufacturer also announces that with more work on the engine, this kit is capable of delivering over 500 hp. We can help you with your project, so feel free to contact us!

Kit Contents

  • Twin T517Z-8cm² turbocharger
  • Oil pan
  • Washer tank
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Type 16 twin intercooler
  • Aluminum piping
  • Airinx S60 air filters
  • Bolts, seals, hoses and other parts required for assembly

Cautions: This kit is designed for Nissan 370Z early models produced in Japan from December 2008 to October 2015. On later models, one of the suction pipe interferes with the air conditioner compressor and prevents "plug & play" installation. However, it is possible to install this kit by removing the air conditioning system or relocating the compressor.

Note: modifications to the engine bay and front bumper may also be required. GReddy recommends removing the engine to facilitate the installation of this twin-turbo kit.


Car Make Nissan
Car Model Nissan 370Z
Engine Code VQ37VHR
Manufacturer GReddy

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