GReddy Timing Belt for Subaru EJ20 / EJ25

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Dispatched Tuesday, May 21, 2024

This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

GReddy quality for your engine

  • Reinforced timing belt
  • Made by GReddy in Japan
  • Ideal for intensive use
  • Keep your engine running smoothly !
  • Engine(s) : EJ20, EJ25
  • GReddy part n°: 13564500

GReddy Timing Belt for Subaru EJ20 / EJ25 Engines Specifications

GReddy timing belts are far stronger than OEM belts, and are designed for highly tuned engines that can reach high RPMs, with quick, rotation speed variations. Made from the same fibres used in bulletproof vests, GReddy belts don't fray over time, and guarantee excellent resistance to high temperatures and strain.

When it comes to Japanese vehicles, GReddy are one of the most recommended brands, and make all their products at their factory in Tokyo.


Car Make Subaru
Engine Code EJ20
Manufacturer GReddy

Founded in 1977 in Japan, Trust is a huge company in the tuning world. Trust make all of their products in Japan, at their factory in Chiba, Tokyo. Their huge range is split into numerous well known brands, such as GReddy (exhausts, turbo kits, radiators and intercoolers, electronics...), GREX and GRacer. DriftShop have an exclusive partnership with Trust in Japan, allowing us to offer their products straight from the factory, at the best prices and without going through another distributor.