GReddy Super D4 Brake Fluid (1L)

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Dispatched Tuesday, May 21, 2024

This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

GReddy Super D4 Brake Fluid

  • Very high performance brake fluid
  • Dry boiling point 318°C
  • Ideal in combination with an uprated braking system
  • Compatible with DOT 4 systems
  • Packaging : 1 liter bottle
  • GReddy part number : 17501234

GReddy Super D4 Brake Fluid Specifications

GReddy Super D4 brake fluid has been designed to withstand heavy use with powerful and repeated braking. With excellent temperature resistance, it has a dry boiling point of 318°C and a wet boiling point of 210°C well above the limits of standard DOT 4 fluid (260°C and 180°C respectively).

This high performance fluid provides consistent and durable braking even in extreme conditions. Thanks to its optimal viscosity, it offers a very good pedal feel and is remarkably effective at low temperatures. GReddy Super D4 is recommended by the manufacturer for use in street or racing applications in vehicles with high braking capabilities.


Manufacturer GReddy
Packing 1L

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