GReddy Sirius Vision

Dispatched under 30 days, as of Monday, May 27, 2024
This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

GReddy Sirius Vision

  • Sirius Vision display screen
  • Ultra thin, fully transparent and easily configurable
  • New generation of GReddy gauges, made in Japan
  • Warning and Peak functions
  • Requires sensors and Sirius Control Unit sold separately
  • Unbeatable quality and technology !
  • High contrast electroluminescent display
  • Diameter : 65 mm
  • GReddy part n° : 16001720

Just in from Japan, the new generation of GReddy Sirius gauges are far ahead of the competition in terms of technology, quality, design and reliability.

The video above shows you a Sirius Vision display screen, linked to a GReddy Sirius boost pressure gauge. Ultra thin and fully transparent, the Sirius Vision is a fully configurable, electroluminescent head up display screen. It allows you to see two readings at once, from the sensors you have connected (for example : analog boost pressure + digital water temperature, or analog oil temperature + digital oil pressure, anything is possible !).

Using the "daisy chain" method, like many other high end gauges, the GReddy Sirius gauges and the Sirius Vision display screen require a control unit (Sirius Control Unit) sold separately, to which all sensors can be connected. Only one cable leaves the unit to safely power all the connected gauges. Installation is made easier, neater and more reliable, and you can quickly add extra gauges.

Thanks to the Control Unit, you can configure alerts ("Warning" function), such as low oil pressure, high water temperature, boost pressure that reaches critical level ... These alerts are both visual and audible (red light on the gauge + buzzer), while maximum readings can be saved, re-used and controlled at any time ("Peak Hold Memory" function). JDM technology at it's finest !


Manufacturer GReddy

Founded in 1977 in Japan, Trust is a huge company in the tuning world. Trust make all of their products in Japan, at their factory in Chiba, Tokyo. Their huge range is split into numerous well known brands, such as GReddy (exhausts, turbo kits, radiators and intercoolers, electronics...), GREX and GRacer. DriftShop have an exclusive partnership with Trust in Japan, allowing us to offer their products straight from the factory, at the best prices and without going through another distributor.