GReddy Oil Cooler Kit for Toyota GR86 & Subaru BRZ (2021+)

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This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

GReddy 10 Row Oil Cooler Kit

  • For Toyota GR86 ZN8 & Subaru BRZ ZD8 (2021+)
  • Engine code: FA24
  • Ideal for intensive use
  • 10°C+ of oil temperature reduction
  • Built-in thermostat (opening between 75 and 82°C)
  • Comes complete with all accessories required for installation: hoses, bolts, brackets, fittings, etc.
  • GReddy part number: 12014641
  • Made in Japan
  • Express delivery!

GReddy Oil Cooler Kit for Toyota GR86 & Subaru BRZ Specifications

Specifically designed for the Toyota GR86 ZN8 and Subaru BRZ ZD8, this GReddy cooler significantly lowers the engine's oil temperature, especially during heavy use. You are then able to exploit the engine's capabilities for longer while improving its reliability.

GReddy conducted tests on the Tsukuba circuit in Japan at a temperature of 29°C comparing the performance of two GR86s, one stock and the other equipped with this oil cooler. On the stock model, the engine oil exceeded the critical temperature of 138°C after 8 minutes of intensive use on the track. On the vehicle with the GReddy oil cooler, the temperature stabilized around 122°C and allowed this GR86 to continue running without any complications.

Light blue in color, this 10-row GReddy oil cooler mounts next to the radiator, inside the right fender, for maximum cooling. It features an internal thermostat (opening between 75 and 82°C) and comes with Earl's Prolite 350 braided hoses (#10) and GReddy fittings. Some minor trimming and an M18 sensor adapter (for oil temperature / hydraulic pressure) sold separately are required to install this cooler.

Kit Contents

  • Oil cooler core (10 rows)
  • Hoses (1950 mm/1650 mm)
  • Fittings (90°/90°/120°/120°)
  • Oil block (Type-E)
  • Inlet duct (baffle plate)
  • Outlet net
  • Stay set


Engine Code FA24
Manufacturer GReddy

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