Castrol Transmax ATF Z Automatic Transmission Oil (1L)

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Dispatched Monday, December 4, 2023

Castrol Transmax ATF Z

  • Formulated for automatic and semi-automatic transmissions
  • Excellent shift quality
  • High wear and tear protection
  • Longer transmission life
  • JASO 1A (03) standard
  • Numerous manufacturer approvals
  • Packaging : 1 liter bottle

Castrol Transmax ATF Z Specifications

This Castrol Transmax ATF Z 100% synthetic oil has been formulated for automatic and semi-automatic transmissions used in cars, buses and coaches. Thanks to its high resistance to friction, it makes gear changes easier, while its reinforced protection against wear and deposits extends the life of the transmission while reducing maintenance costs.

The high thermal and oxidative stability of this fluid ensures that the transmission runs smoothly over an extended period. Heavy-duty temperatures are reduced to improve the durability of the internal components and the oil, helping to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, while its exceptional cold flow properties ensure high protection, particularly at start-up.

Castrol Transmax ATF Z complies with numerous industry standards and meets the quality requirements of many manufacturers. Find out more about the performance of this fluid below:

  • JASO 1A (03)
  • Toyota T, T II, T III, T IV, WS
  • Nissan Matic D, J, S
  • Mitsubishi SP II, IIM, III, PA, J3, SP IV
  • Mazda ATF M-III, M-V, JWS 3317, FZ
  • Subaru F6, Red 1
  • Daihatsu AMMIX ATF D-III Multi, D3-SP
  • Suzuki AT oil 5D06, 2384K, JWS 3314, 3317
  • Hyundai/Kia SP III, SP IV
  • Aisin transmissions requiring JWS 3309
  • Honda/Acura DW 1/Z1
  • Isuzu (where Toyota T-IV is required)
  • BMW, VW, Audi and Jaguar 5 speed automatic transmission and MB 4 and 5 speed automatic transmissions
  • BMW oil No. 8322.9407807
  • Citroën oil No. Z 000169756
  • Jaguar oil No. JLM 20238, LA 2634, LT 71141
  • Mercedes-Benz oil No. 0019892203, MB 236.1, 236.6, 236.7, 236.9, 236.10
  • Peugeot oil No. Z 000169756
  • Porsche oil No. 999.917.547.00
  • VW / Audi TL 52162 (G 052 162)
  • ZF Lifeguardfluid 5


Manufacturer Castrol
Packing 1L
Castrol is a company specialized in the design of high performance oil, fluids and lubricants for all types of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, etc.). It is particularly well known for its Edge and GTX engine oil ranges, which are approved by numerous manufacturers. Involved at the highest level of motorsports, Castrol offers products at the cutting edge of technology, ensuring excellent lubrication with high anti-friction properties for an optimized equipment life.