Wisefab Rear Track Kit for Honda S2000

Dispatched under 5 to 8 days, as of Monday, December 11, 2023

Revised rear kinematics!

  • To suit Honda S2000
  • Corrected roll centre
  • Corrected camber curve
  • Corrected anti-Squat
  • Weight saving over OEM components
  • High strength steel construction
  • Rod end/spherical joints, no rubber bushes
  • Free shipping across Europe!

Wisefab Rear Track Kit for Honda S2000

Honda S2000 is a well designed car for enthusiast driver. The car performs well on streets and can be taken to a race track. If the focus is more towards performance, then the car can act even better with lowered ride height, but then the factory designed kinematics wouldn’t work as it supposed to. The kit would bring the RC, bump steer and camber gain back to normal range on lowered car, providing better roll stiffness, better handling and grip. It has over 40mm lower A-arm joint drop compare to original knuckle.

Weight reduction over original components and still maintaining required strength and stiffness

7075-T6 aluminium billet CNC knuckles and CrMo arms with optimized design and all double shear connections provide low weight and high strenght.

CrMo rod ends and sphericals used instead of rubber bushings

Easy camber adjustment on knuckle

Camber can be adjusted easily on trackside in a few minutes

Bump steer adjustment

Bumpsteer is adjustable by tie rod height on knuckle

Quicker steering ratio.

Steering ratio is slightly quicker compare to original

Other components, packaging and clearance.

This kit assumes coilovers

Minimum rim size is 17“

Track width is close to original, So similar size and offset rims can be used as with original suspension. We have tested 18x10 ET35, 275/35 R18 with wider fender flares

Original wheel speed sensor can be used

AP1 an AP2 generation compatibility


Car Make Honda
Car Model Honda S2000
Manufacturer Wisefab

Wisefab was founded by a collective of drifters in Estonia, who noticed that there were no lock kits available for popular European models, especially BMWs. Following the success of their first kits for E30 and E36 models, Wisefab's engineers quickly expanded their range with kits for the E46 and E90 models, as well as other manufacturers like Nissan (S13, S14, S15, 350Z, 370Z, R33), Toyota (Supra, Soarer, GT86), Mazda (RX-7, RX-8)...