Whiteline Anti-Roll Bars for Honda Civic EJ & EK (96-00)

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  • Anti-roll bars and end links for Honda Civic
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Whiteline Anti-Roll Bars for Honda Civic EJ & EK (96-00) Specifications

Anti-roll bars are a vital component for the chassis, that should not be neglected when modifying a sports car. Whether it be for road or track use, anti-roll bars (also called "sway bars"), as their name indicates, allow you to reduce body roll. As a result you can increase cornering speeds and traction, and reduce tyre wear because the weight is distributed more evenly on all four wheels.

Whiteline adjustable anti-roll bars allow you to easily change from a circuit setup (stiff) to a road setup (softer) by moving the end links from one hole to another. They come complete and ready to install, including new polybushes. To choose the ideal bar for your needs, consider the following improvements :

  • Increase the diameter of the rear anti-roll bar to reduce understeer.
  • Increase the diameter of the front anti-roll bar to reduce oversteer.

About Whiteline

Known worldwide for their expertise, Whiteline have an excellent reputation in the suspension department for sports cars and competitive vehicles. Whiteline's products are the fruit of research and development led by qualified engineers, that have undergone many tests in real and intense conditions, without compromise.


Car Make Honda
Car Model Honda Civic

Specialised in anti roll bars, Whiteline are considered as one of the experts in automobile chassis improvement. Based in Australia, the company also has a wide range of polybushes, anti sway bars and droplinks, with the goal of optimising your car's handling.