Uprated Timing Chain Tensioner for Nissan SR20(DET)

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Dispatched Monday, December 4, 2023

This item is made in the United Kingdom !
This item is made in the United Kingdom !

Timing Chain Tensioner Nissan SR20

  • Timing chain tensioner
  • Incredibly reliable
  • Made by SuperForma in England
  • Compatible with SR20DE and SR20DET
  • Adjustable tension

Timing Chain Tensioner for Nissan SR20 Specifications

This reinforced chain tensioner goes in place of the stock unit, for all Nissan SR20 engines (N/A SR20DE or turbo SR20DET). It makes it possible to precisely modify the timing chain's tension, thanks to an adjustment screw and is more reliable than the OEM one. It will keep constant tension, even after many years of intensive use. A must-have for all rebuilds !


Car Make Nissan
Engine Code SR20DE, SR20DET
Manufacturer SuperForma
Based in the UK, SuperForma is an experienced manufacturer of performance parts, specialized in ultra-precise CNC'd products : Nissan engines internals, custom wheels spacers...