Universal Deatschwerks Fuel Pump Pre-Filter - 100 Micron (Dash 8)

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This item is made in the United States !
This item is made in the United States !

Universal filtration!

  • 100 micron fuel filtration
  • 1000 litre / hour maximum fuel rate
  • Quality finish
  • Dash 8 male fitting
  • Compatible with all fuels, including E85
  • Compact design
  • Part number : 8-01-08100

Universal Deatschwerks Fuel Pump Pre-Filter (100 Micron)

The Deatschwerks fuel filter is manufactured to a high level in the United States. It was designed with performance in mind. Supporting a maximum fuel rate of 1000 LPH, it is compatible with any type of fuel : unleaded, E85 ethanol, pure alcohol and other racing fuels.

It ensures filtration of 100 microns, with an internal stainless steel grid, with a very low pressure drop (less than 0.1 BAR / 1000 LPH).

It's compact design (11 cm long, 5 cm diameter) and quality aluminium finish make it easy and pleasing to fit to your vehicle. It connects with a male -8 AN (Dash 8) fitting.

Pleaste note ! In most configurations, 100-micron filtration is not fine enough to ensure perfect protection of the injectors. Deatschwerks recommends using 10-micron filtration to improve injector life.


Manufacturer Deatschwerks

Since 2004, American company Deatschwerks have been specialising in fueling. Known for their injectors, fuel pumps and other accessories (filters, pressure regulators, hoses, fittings, injection rails, surge tanks...), Deatschwerks design and make all of their high quality products at their factory in Oklahoma.