Timing Belt Kits & Water Pump for Toyota 4A-G(Z)E Engines

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DriftShop's expertise for your timing belt kit !

  • For Toyota Corolla (AE86 / AE82 / AE92) & MR2 (AW11)
  • Engine(s) : 4A-G(Z)E
  • OEM or uprated belts
  • HKS timing belt part number : 24999-AT009
  • NPS parts equivalent to OEM quality
  • Your timing belt
  • Your tensioner
  • Water & oil pumps
  • Optional HKS adjustable cam pulleys
  • Optional clear cam gear cover

DriftShop Timing Belt Kits Specifications

In collaboration with partners in Europe and Japan, DriftShop now offers cam belt kits, allowing you to easily maintain your engine. With every timing belt change, we recommend to also replace pulleys (tensioner and idler) and water pump.

Uprated Timing Belt Specifications

HKS and GReddy cam belts are far more resistant than OEM ones, and are designed for tuned engines that reach high and sustained RPM. Made from the same kevlar fibre that is used for bullet proof vests, these belts offer the best protection against fatigue and heat.

When it comes to tuning Japanese vehicles, HKS is one of the highest rated brands, with over 40 years experience in engine modifying, unrivaled by the competition.

NPS Timing Belt Specifications

French company, NPS (Nippon Pièces Service) offer a wide range of replacement parts for Japanese vehicles. With a worldwide presence, NPS has their own offices directly in connection with factories in Japan, guaranteeing reliability and in some cases better quality products than OEM manufacturer parts, at a better price.


Car Make Toyota
Engine Code 4A-GE, 4A-GZE

One of the leading Japanese brands, HKS are world famous for their wide range of auto tuning products. Created by Hasegawa-San and Kitagawa-San in 1973, the company uses the initials of it's founders, as well as their partner Sigma Automotive. Present in drifting, GT, drag racing or even rally, HKS offer all sorts of high performance parts : exhaust, transmission, engine components, electronics, etc.