Solid Differential Bushes Nissan

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Dispatched Monday, May 27, 2024

This item is made in the United Kingdom !
This item is made in the United Kingdom !

Solid mount your differential!

  • Aluminium bushes and nuts
  • Completely lock down your differential
  • Compatible with S14, S15, R33 and R34

Driftworks Solid Differential Bushes -Nissan

Solid differential mounts for the S14 200sx and Silvia, S15 Silvia, R33 GTS-T, R34 GTT and R32/R33 GTR differentials fitted to the previous models. You can select just the front bushes, just the rear bushes, or all four mounts to completely solidly mount the differential

When fitting, the thicker bush goes on top of the diff, thinner on the bottom.


Car Make Nissan
Manufacturer SuperForma
Based in the UK, SuperForma is an experienced manufacturer of performance parts, specialized in ultra-precise CNC'd products : Nissan engines internals, custom wheels spacers...