ProSport Evo Voltmeter Gauge (4 Colors)

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  • 52mm diameter
  • Reads from 8 to 18 Volts
  • Black background
  • Switch between a blue, green, white or red display !
  • Includes wiring and required accessories
  • "Peak" and "Warning" functions
  • Manufacturer : Prosport

Prosport Evo Water Temperature Gauge

Prosport gauges offer an unbeatable quality/price ratio, giving you the quality and function of an expensive gauge, for a great price. A water temperature gauge is a great indication of current engine health. Running too hot, you're looking at overheating, detonation, head gasket issues... all major problems! If the engine is running too cool, it won't be running efficiently or safely.

Prosport gauges are SEMA award winners, a testament to their quality, function and design. These gauges come with two functions, "Peak" (records maximum value reached) and "Warning" (configurable visual and audio alerts that activate above a set limit). When starting up, the gauge shows a sweeping animation. Once turned off the display is completely black.

Each gauge is supplied with the relevant accessories and wiring to make installation as quick and easy as possible.


Range ProSport Evo
Manufacturer ProSport
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3 reviews

Based in the USA, ProSport make gauges that are great value for money. ProSport gauges come in a wide range of models and styles, with the most frequent being : boost pressure, oil temperature and voltmeter gauges, with either a modern or retro look in 52 mm or 60 mm. With more than 40 years experience, ProSport know just how to fulfil your needs !