Powerflex Universal Exhaust Mount (Type 14)

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Dispatched Monday, March 30, 2020

Secure Your Exhaust !

  • Type 14 Powerflex universal exhaust mount
  • Replace soft, flexible OE hangers
  • Effectively reduces vibrations and movements
  • Made by Powerflex (ref. EXH014)
  • High temperature resistant polyurethane
  • Sold individually

Whether it be on the track, or simply going over speed bumps or pot-holes, when the vehicle bounces it can cause vibrations and movement in the exhaust system (especially if it has no flexible parts).

These polybushes effectively reduce vibrations compared to stock bushes, and prevent the exhaust from pulling on the turbo or the manifold for improved reliability.

Click here to view a technical diagram of this polybush.


Manufacturer Powerflex

Created in England in 1996, Powerflex specialise in polybushes. Their knowledge of automobile suspensions and chassis, combined with advanced manufacturing techniques, have helped Powerflex become the global leader in their market. Whether it be on the road or on the track, Powerflex offer a wide range of polybushes to suit all your needs.