Peltor Ear Defenders - Adult

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Dispatched Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Protect your hearing!

  • Ear defenders for adults
  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Made by Peltor/3M
  • Protect your ears!
  • CE standards
  • Noise level reduction : -35 dB

Peltor Ear Defenders - Adult

Ideal for adults and adolescents from 10+ years, hearing protection is an essential accessory for DIY enthusiasts or very noisy environments, such as the close up at racing events, stunt demonstrations, etc....

Protect your ears with these ear defenders by Peltor (3M), world leaders in ear protection, offering unsurpassed acoustic performance.


Manufacturer Peltor

Ideal for both children of all ages and adults, Peltor ear defenders are an essential accessory for those that work in a loud environnement or attend events with high noise levels, such as race starts, drifting competitons, drag strips, stunt shows, etc. Protect your ears and those of your loved ones with Peltor (3M) ear defenders, offering some of the best soundproofing available.