Mecatech Racing Power Steering Fluid (PAS)

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Dispatched Tuesday, February 27, 2024

This item is made in France!
This item is made in France!

Need reliable steering?

  • Mecatech racing PAS fluid
  • Sold per 1 litre
  • 100% synthetic formula
  • Anti-friction/wear surface treatment
  • Protects against degradation and oxidation
  • Regenerates seals and gaskets
  • Compatible with Dexron ATF II D (red) & Dexron III
  • Reduces operating temperatures
  • Ideal for drifting and competition use

Mecatech Racing Power Steering Fluid (PAS)

This fluid ensures optimum operation of your PAS system. Made from a 100% synthetic formula, it prevents leaks, eliminates hard points and reduces noise. Furthermore, it reduces operating temperatures. A very simple solution to overheating issues.

It creates a surface treatment that protects against the risks of wear and oxidation, while regenerating joints and seals. It is compatible with all PAS systems, including Dexron ATF II D & Dexron III. Ideal for extreme conditions and competition use, such as drifting or circuit work.

Sold per 1 litre bottles.


Manufacturer Mecatech

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