Kaaz Limited Slip Differential for Toyota Supra MK3

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Maximum Control !

  • Clutch type limited slip differential (LSD)
  • To suit Toyota Supra MK3 (see applications below)
  • High performances, best reliability
  • Excellent value for money
  • Made in Japan, by Kaaz
  • Bolt on installation
  • Choose your part number in the list below, using the application list
  • 2-Way Part Number(s)
  • 2-Way SuperQ Part Number(s)

Toyota Supra MK3 - Application List

Chassis Engine Year Transmission Position OEM Diff. Nb. Discs 2-Way Part No. 1.5-Way Part No.
88.08-90.08 MT/AT Rear Open 16 SAT3035 -
Open 16 SAT3030 -
Torsen 16 SAT3035 -
86.02-90.08 MT/AT Rear Open 16 SAT3035 -
Open 16 SAT3030 -
Torsen 16 SAT3035 -
MA70 7M-GTE 86.02-90.08 MT/AT Rear Open 16 SAT3030 -
Open 16 SAT3030 -
Torsen 16 SAT3035 -
93.05-96.05 MT/AT Rear Open/Torsen 8 DAT3020 -
96.06-02.08 MT/AT Rear Open/Torsen 8 DAT3020 -
MT 6 Rear Torsen 18 DAT3010 DBT3010
AT Rear Open/Torsen 8 DAT3020 -
96.06-02.08 MT 6./AT Rear Open/Torsen 8 DAT3020 -

Kaaz Limited Slip Differentials Specifications

Kaaz clutch type LSDs are made in Japan. They are extremely efficient, reliable and great value for money. Whether for drifting, sporty driving on road or track, or for pure racing, they are acclaimed around the world by both amateur and professional drivers.

Equipped with 8 to 24 discs depending on the model, Kaaz differentials guarantee constant, reliable locking, as well as rapid, efficient and predictive behavior for maximum traction and perfect control. Kaaz limited slip differentials come with all required accessories for installation : they replace the internals of the stock differential by re-using the crown gear and the drive pinion, and go in place without any modification. By favouring traction and control, a Kaaz limited slip differential radically transforms and improves the handling and safety of your vehicle.

1.5-Way or 2-Way ?

Kaaz LSDs are generally available in 1.5-way and 2-way versions. The fundamental difference between a Kaaz 1.5-way and 2-way LSD is its reaction during deceleration : thanks to a particular design of the cams acting on the differential lock, a 1.5-way LSD will react only very slightly when lifting off the accelerator. This feature makes 1.5-way LSDs more suitable for use on an open road, or for use in sporty driving, such as "grip".

Meanwhile, a 2-way Kaaz self-locking differential will block as much when accelerating as when lifting the foot. This is particularly suitable for drift use because it offers better control during transitions, and makes it easier to initiate drifting when braking.

In short : under acceleration, 1.5-way and 2-way LSDs react identically. The deceleration lock is much lower on 1.5-way models, making it more suitable for "grip". For pure and hard drifting, choose a 2-way model.

SuperQ Version ?

The SuperQ (Super Quiet) versions of the Kaaz LSDs feature discs that have undergone special treatment, to make the operation smoother and quieter. They provide the same performance as a standard version while reducing the noises sometimes produced at very low speed during manoeuvres. They are therefore recommended for daily road use.


Car Make Toyota
Car Model Toyota Supra
Engine Code 1G-GE, 1G-GTE, 7M-GTE, 1JZ-GTE

Behind this wild name is one of the best LSD manufacturers in the world, used in all types of motorsport including drifting. Whether you are looking for better performances, improved reliability or simply better control of your vehicle, choose a Kaaz LSD !