HKS Racing SQV Blow Off Valve - Universal

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This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

For high boost!

  • The benchmark in dump valve technology
  • Genuine HKS, made in Japan
  • Designed for high boost applications, up to 3 BAR
  • Universal Racing SQV kit
  • HKS reference : 71008-AK004

HKS Racing SQV Dump Valve Kit Specification

AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEED! DriftShop is an official distributor of HKS Europe. Our HKS products are 100% authentic!

HKS Super Racing SQV (for SeQuential Blow Off Valve) is the current benchmark in the market, either in terms of performance, endurance or quality/price ratio.

HKS original 3-chamber structure ensures the stable operation of blow-off valve regardless of the amount of pressure. Large 51mm valve performs great with high power and large displacement engines. Adjustable pre-load allows a wide range of application.

Typical blow off valves require spring load settings for each vehicle specification. If the spring load setting is too low, the boost pressure may be relieved under high boost, and the desired boost setting may not be reached. If the spring load setting is too strong, the valve may not open at low boost. HKS RACING SQV utilizes a reliefless type; therefore, it delivers stable operation at all boost levels. Durability tests of over 1 million operations minimizes the chances of valve stick and achieves high durability.

This kit is universal, requiring adaptation to your specific application.


Manufacturer HKS
Manufacturer SKU 71008-AK002

One of the leading Japanese brands, HKS are world famous for their wide range of auto tuning products. Created by Hasegawa-San and Kitagawa-San in 1973, the company uses the initials of it's founders, as well as their partner Sigma Automotive. Present in drifting, GT, drag racing or even rally, HKS offer all sorts of high performance parts : exhaust, transmission, engine components, electronics, etc.