HKS Camshafts - 264° and 272° for Toyota (1JZ-GTE VVT-I)

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This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

Tune your 1JZ!

  • Available in multiple durations (264° & 272°)
  • Made in Japan by HKS
  • Sold individually
  • Direct fit in place of the originals
  • To suit 1JZ-GTE(VVT-I)
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HKS Camshafts

These HKS camshafts are designed for standard or tuned engines. They are installed in place of your original camshafts and provide significant power gains.

Specifically designed by HKS for each individual application, they offer the pinnacle of Japanese engine tuning components.

Further optimise engine output with our other range of tuning options, such as intakes, exhaust systems, turbos etc...


Car Make Toyota
Engine Code 1JZ-GTE
Manufacturer HKS

One of the leading Japanese brands, HKS are world famous for their wide range of auto tuning products. Created by Hasegawa-San and Kitagawa-San in 1973, the company uses the initials of it's founders, as well as their partner Sigma Automotive. Present in drifting, GT, drag racing or even rally, HKS offer all sorts of high performance parts : exhaust, transmission, engine components, electronics, etc.