Garrett GTX2860R Gen II Turbo for SR20DET & CA18DET

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This item is made in the United States !
This item is made in the United States !

Garrett GTX2860R Gen II Turbo

  • Garrett GTX2860R Gen II turbo
  • Latest generation of Garrett turbos
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Ceramic ball bearings
  • Internal wastegate, not included 
  • Direct fit for SR20DET & CA18DET engines
  • T25 & 5-bolt flanges
  • Rating : 200 to 500 hp
  • Supplied directly by Garrett Europe

Garrett GTX2860R Gen II Turbo Specifications

Important note : thanks to its exhaust housing fitted with T25 and "5-bolt" type flanges, this turbo is a direct fit in place of the OEM unit, between the manifold and the exhaust system of Nissan CA18DET and SR20DET engines. This standard shape ensures very wide compatibility on many vehicles and engines from the 90s and early 2000. The compressor housing has standard 3" and 2" inlet and outlet, to be adapted to your intake piping.

This GTX2860R Gen II comes from the latest generation of Garrett turbochargers and inherits from the most recent technologies in terms of performance. Specially designed for competition, GTX and GTX-R turbos ensure maximum efficiency thanks to their innovative design.

The compressor wheel is made of forged aluminum using ultra-precise CNC machining. This manufacturing process guarantees perfect geometry and aerodynamics, for higher air flow and higher boost, without increasing the size of the turbo or the engine displacement.

Garrett GTX turbos reach top rotational speed faster (better "spool" and less "turbo lag"), all without any vibration, for maximum efficiency and better performance than the competition. Finally, the so-called "ported shroud" compressor housing benefits from an anti-surge device, pushing back the range of use of the turbo, making it ultra-versatile.

On the exhaust side, the turbine is made of Inconel, an alloy resistant to the very high temperatures typical of the exhaust gases, while allowing very high rotation speeds.

Technical Data

  • Twin ceramic ball bearing
  • Watercooling
  • Ported-shroud housing
  • Internal wastegate, not included
  • Rating : 200 to 500 horsepower
  • Compressor :
    • Inlet : Ø76.2 mm
    • Outlet : Ø50.8 mm
    • Trim : 58
    • A/R : 0.60
  • Exhaust turbine :
    • Inlet : T25
    • Outlet : 5-bolt
    • Trim : 76
    • A/R : 0.64

Warranty is provided by Garrett Europe. Warning : upgrading your turbocharger is complex and involves the replacement of many peripheral parts, such as injectors and engine management. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the installation of turbos.


Manufacturer Garrett
Manufacturer SKU 856800-5001S

Founded in 1936 in Los Angeles, Garrett have been making turbos for more than 80 years. Yes, you read it correctly ! With almost 6.000 employees, Garrett is the leader when it comes to turbos. Their factories produce 30.000 turbo units a day, providing them for manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, Peugeot, Renault, Saab, Volkswagen... Revolutionising turbos from generation to generation, today Garrett are capable of offering the best turbos around for all sorts of motorsport categories, whether it be in WRC, the Le Mans 24h series, in drifting or even at Pikes Peak.