Denso Iridium IQ27 Spark Plug

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This item is made in Japan !
This item is made in Japan !

Maximum Performance & Reliability

  • Denso IQ27 iridium spark plugs
  • Application list : see below
  • Three grades colder
  • Ideal for heavy duty and intensive use
  • Thread length : 19 mm
  • Total length : 72 mm (exc. electrode)
  • Thread type : M14x1.25
  • Socket size : 16
  • Sold individually, adjust to desired amount in the cart

Denso Iridium IQ27 Spark Plug Specifications

Whatever your use or engine set-up, the correct choice of spark plug is very important. Iridium is very heavy and dense metal, ensuring that Denso spark plugs have a longer lifespan than OEM ones, withstanding more than 100.000 km in standard use.

Which heat range to choose ?

If the letters (for example IQ) indicate the spark plug's shape and thread size, the numbers (from 20 to 27) indicate the heat range, basically meaning how well the spark plug can operate in intense conditions. The higher the number, the more the spark plug will be "cold", and more adapted to tuned engines and sporty use. A cold spark plug is designed to operate at higher than average temperatures and disperse the heat inside the cylinders, improving combustion, performances and engine reliability, reducing the risk of detonation.

However, make sure you only fit cold spark plugs if your car requires them, otherwise you could encounter problems such as difficult cold starts and rough idling. Also, do not install cold spark plugs if your engine runs on E85 fuel. In short :

  • IQ20 : standard grade, for stock engines or for use with E85 ethanol
  • IQ22 : one grade colder than standard, for lightly tuned or sporty engines, used both on the road or the track
  • IQ24 : two grades colder than standard, for tuned and powerful engines used mainly on the track
  • IQ27 : three grades colder than standard, for high power and heavily modified engines used in intense conditions

Application List

Non-exhaustive list.

  • Aston Martin Virage (40HTE)
  • Caterham 21 1.6i Supersport
  • Fiat Panda 4x4 before 2004
  • Ford Escort 1.6 RS Turbo (80-86) (HL16T)
  • Ford Sierra Cosworth (87-93) (N5B)
  • Honda Accord, B20 engines
  • Honda Civic EC, EE, ED, EG, EJ, EK, MB, with D13, D14, D15, D16, D17 engines
  • Honda CRX ED, D16 engines
  • Honda Legend, C25 & C27 engines
  • Honda Prelude, B20 engines
  • Mazda MX-5 NA & NB (B6-ZE, BP-ZE)
  • Mercedes E-Class A124 (93-98) E36 AMG
  • Mercedes E-Class C124 (93-97) E36 AMG
  • Mercedes E-Class W124 (93-95) E36 AMG
  • Mercedes SL R129 (89-01) 60 AMG
  • Nissan 200SX S13 (CA18DET)
  • Nissan 300ZX Z32 (VG30DE, VG30DETT)
  • Nissan Skyline R32, R33, R34 GT-R (RB26DETT)
  • Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T (RB20DET)
  • Nissan Laurel (RB20DET)
  • Peugeot 205 1.6 GTi, 1.9 GTi (XU5J, XU9JA)
  • Peugeot 306 2.0 S16
  • Peugeot 309 1.9 GTI (85-89)
  • Toyota Supra MK3 (7M-GE, 7M-GTE)
  • Toyota Corolla GTI, AE82, AE86, AE92... (4A-GE)
  • Toyota Levin & Trueno AE101, AE111 (4A-GE, 4A-GZE)
  • Toyota MR2 AW11 (4A-GE, 4A-GZE)


Car Make Aston Martin, Caterham, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Toyota
Engine Code 40HTE, 4A-GE, 4A-GZE, 7M-GE, 7M-GTE, B20, B6-ZE, BP-ZE, CA18DET, D13, D14, D15, D16, D17, HL16T, N5B, RB20DET, RB26DETT, VG30DE, VG30DETT, VG30E, VG30ET, XU5J, XU9JA
Manufacturer Denso
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Denso is a Japanese company partly owned by Toyota, who specialise in sparks plugs, industrial equipment and systems for the automobile market. An interesting fact, Denso is also known around the world for having invented QR Codes.