Deatschwerks DW200 255 L/h E85 Fuel Pump for Nissan 350Z Z33, Subaru Legacy (2010+)

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3-year Guarantee for E85 !

  • Deatschwerks DW200 Fuel pump (255 lph)
  • Fits in place of your existing pump
  • Ideal for an engine upgrade or a FlexFuel conversion
  • Specific kit for Nissan 350Z (all models) & Subaru Legacy (2010+)
  • Part no. : 9-201S-1005
  • 3 years warrantee !
  • Express shipping

Deatschwerks DW200 255 L/h E85 Fuel Pump

When modifying or rebuilding and engine, or for a simple FlexFuel conversion, the stock fuel pump is often insufficient and can't let fuel flow through quick enough. The consequences can be disastrous, in the worst case a broken engine (a lean air/fuel mix causing knocking).

The Deatschwerks DW200 fuel pump is often chosen for engine upgrades than can pass 500 hp, because it can feed 4x1000 cc / min injectors continuously, under 3 bars of fuel pressure (or 6x650 cc injectors). Equipped with a silent turbine and specifically designed for ethanol (E85), it's the only pump on the market with a 3 year warrantee (with its DW65C equivalent).

Please note that a high flow fuel pump won't increase your vehicle's power. It allows you to replace your existing pump that may be worn or insufficient, and can withstand an increased fuel flow for engine upgrades with high boost pressure, bigger injectors, or other modifications.

Technical Specifications

  • Components for a "plug & play" installation : see photo(s)
  • Input diameter : 8 mm internal, 11 mm external
  • Output diameter : 8 mm
  • Voltage : 12 V
  • Max pressure : 7 bars
  • Max flow : 265 liters / hour
  • Flow at 3 bars : 250 liters / hour
  • Flow at 5 bars : 200 liters / hour
  • Length : 123 mm
  • Diameter : 39 mm
  • Weight : 360 grams

DriftShop supplies these pumps straight from the manufacturer. These Deatschwerks pumps are 100% authentic with a 3 year manufacturer warrantee.


Car Make Nissan, Subaru
Engine Code EJ25, VQ35DE, VQ35HR
Manufacturer Deatschwerks

Since 2004, American company Deatschwerks have been specialising in fueling. Known for their injectors, fuel pumps and other accessories (filters, pressure regulators, hoses, fittings, injection rails, surge tanks...), Deatschwerks design and make all of their high quality products at their factory in Oklahoma.