Deatschwerks 101S Octane Booster

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This item is made in the United States !
This item is made in the United States !

DW 101S Octane Booster

  • Increases octane rating up to 104 RON
  • Cleans the fuel system
  • O2 sensor and catalytic converter safe
  • Race, dyno and lab proven
  • Contains no lead, alcohol, toluene or MTBE
  • 946 ml (32 oz) bottle

Deatschwerks 101S Octane Booster Specifications

Deatschwerks 101S octane booster is specially formulated for standard gasoline from the station. It increases the octane rating up to 104 RON for superior performance. In addition, this product is safe for O2 sensors and catalytic converters and contains detergents that maintain and preserve the fuel system.

Race, dyno and laboratory proven, Deatschwerks 101S octane booster is simply mixed with gasoline (see chart below). It contains no lead, alcohol, toluene or MTBE and comes in a 946 ml (32 oz) metal bottle with extended shelf life.

Mixing Chart

The table below indicates the volume of Deatschwerks 101S Octane Booster to add per liter of gasoline, in order to obtain the octane rating of your choice. These values are based on standard 95 (E10) unleaded gasoline from retail service stations.
Example: for 10 liters of unleaded 95, add 480 milliliters of Deatschwerks 101S Octane Booster to obtain a mixture in octane 100.

Octane (RON) DW 101S
96  12 ml / litre
97  20 ml / litre
98  30 ml / litre
99  39 ml / litre
100  48 ml / litre
101  63 ml / litre
102  79 ml / litre
103  98 ml / litre
104  118 ml / litre


Manufacturer Deatschwerks
Packing 946 mL

Since 2004, American company Deatschwerks have been specialising in fueling. Known for their injectors, fuel pumps and other accessories (filters, pressure regulators, hoses, fittings, injection rails, surge tanks...), Deatschwerks design and make all of their high quality products at their factory in Oklahoma.