D2 Racing Carbon Big Brake Kit (356 to 444 mm)

Dispatched under 21 to 28 days, as of Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Braking for competition!

  • Carbon fibre discs, 356 - 444 mm
  • 2 year warranty
  • Specific brake pads
  • 10 - 15 day delivery time
  • TUV and ISO 9001

Applications list

To verify that a big brake kit is available for your vehicle, please see the following listing from D2 Racing :

If your vehicle is not listed, we can make a custom kit. Please contact us for more details!

D2 Racing Carbon Big Brake Kit Specifications

The only solution for serious racing, carbon fibre brake kits are the latest in braking technology. With forged aluminium brake calipers, the D2 Racing kits come in a range of sizes, from 356 to 444 mm. These kits come with a 2 year warranty.

Kit contents

D2 Racing big brake kits are recognised worldwide as the best quality/price ratio when working with carbon fibre braking. Each kit includes :

  • 2 x carbon fibre ventilated discs, with aluminium bells
  • 2 x forged aluminium calipers
  • 1 x set of brake pads, specific to carbon fibre discs
  • 2 x braided brake hoses
  • Mounting kit (brackets, fixings, installation instructions etc...)

Carbon braking technology

Often used in the highest levels of competition, carbon fibre is an excellent material for braking. It's extremely lightweight, strength and heat capacity make it the material of choice for performance applications.

Carbon discs can withstand extreme temperatures without loosing effectiveness. Their bite and heat dissipation properties remains constant and is far superior to traditional iron brakes.

Much lighter than iron equivalents, carbon discs massively reduce the inertia of your braking system. Carbon expands 20 times less than iron brakes under the influence of temperature, guaranteeing consistent braking even after serious endurance sessions on the circuit.

Brake pads

The brake pads provided with this kit are specific to carbon brakes. No other type of pad can be used. Capable of handing temperatures over 1000 deg, these pads are suitable for pure competition.

Following purchase of a kit, all spare parts are available separately in the future. Please contact us for more information.

Brake diameters

Each disk diameter requires a minimum wheel size, please observe the following list :

 Disk diameter (mm)   356   380   400   421 
 Minimum wheel diameter (inches)   18   19   20   21 

It is your responsibility to check that the brake kit will fit your vehicle. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance. This is a guide, not a definitive list, depending on the style of wheel, spacers may still be required.

Delivery and shipping

Carbon brake kits are made to order, delivery will take 10 - 15 days.


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